Sell property

Our activities include selling and leasing residential and commercial properties, which we do in partnership with Eurostan, Belgrade's leading real estate agency.

If you wish to sell or to rent out your property, work exclusively with us and we will promote your property through our international network and our partner’s Serbian network.

Please contact us by phone: +381 69 188 5898 or e-mail: and our staff will reply as soon as possible.

Westgate Properties` international team speaks several languages and has experience in real estate marketing. We combine our deep knowledge of the Serbian market and our international experience to propose to our clients the highest quality services at affordable prices. Reasons to conclude an exclusive contract with us:

  • Quality video and photo shooting of the property;
  • Posting information about the property on a large number of portals, including foreign portals and social networks;
  • More convenient terms and conditions (lower fees for services);
  • Saving time on communication with other agencies.