If you own a high-potential development project and you are looking to improve your presentation and to reach out to investors, Westgate Properties is happy to assist you.

Our primary activity is introducing international investors to interesting projects in Serbia. We work with a vast network of foreign investors and funds and we are also in constant search of new partnerships in the fields of commercial and residential real estate within Serbia.

Our experienced professional staff will review your project, advise you on the best marketing strategy, help you to create a wholesome concept and connect you to possible investors.

To receive advice, please contact us by phone +381 69 188 5898 or send us the description of your project to We will reply as soon as possible.

Thanks to its fast-growing market and great value for money in the vast majority of sectors Belgrade is gaining credit in the business community.

Because workforce is considerably cheaper than in most European countries with no damage done to the quality, more and more companies opt for outsourcing their call centers to Serbia. Thanks to the low-cost and high quality office accommodation Belgrade has caught the attention of professionals developing Internet and application startups, including leading online gaming firms. The affordable office rent also provides for excellent telecommuting and co-working opportunities. Inward investment is aided by tax incentives and grants, and the increasingly competitive tax environment is another benefit.

Belgrade provides favorable conditions for small and medium-sized companies. For instance, restaurant business is flourishing building up on the locals’ and the visitors’ eating out habits and on the diverse real estate offer which makes it possible to find appropriate venues for various restaurant formats.