Westgate Properties is a Belgrade-based  investment counselling company focused on delivering to its international clients the best of Serbia, a country that has always been the bridge between the East and the West.

Our goal is to offer our clients high-potential investment projects relying on our expertise, our in-depth knowledge of the Serbian real estate, development and investment market, and our partnerships with the leading local companies. On our web-site, we strive to create a representative portfolio of available investment projects in Belgrade and other parts of the country, aimed at both individual and institutional investors. We work to satisfy all client-specific requirements providing tailor-made investment solutions including a wide range of top-level additional services packed in a convenient “one-stop shop” model.

We have established partnerships with the leaders of the local market in order to additionally provide you with solutions not limited to commercial real estate. Westgate Properties can also accommodate your interest in residential and retail properties and manage them all year round rendering a complete range of landlord services.

Westgate Properties’ international multilanguage team brings their local expertise and their international experience together to help you make the best use of the ever-increasing potential of the Serbian market.


Our general partner in Serbia, Eurostan, is the local real estate market leader. One of the oldest companies, established in 1990, Eurostan has grown to be Belgrade’s no. 1 real estate agency dealing with all types of properties across the country. Today it has the largest number of licensed agents and the most extensive property databases, delivering its services to clients via its 3 offices in Belgrade. Westgate Properties are happy to join our own expertise with Eurostan’s experience and network to offer the very best of Serbian properties to our international clients.